Twelve years ago, the first episode of what would be the most iconic show of all time aired on AMC (paving the way for award winning productions; “Breaking Bad” & the “Walking Dead”). The show? Mad Men; a brilliantly written American hit series that revolves around an Ad agency in Manhattan. The storyline follows the lives of passionate advertisers during the 1960’s — a decade best described as a classical Jungian nightmare cycle.

Glitz and glamour aside; mad men offered us more than a look into the fashionably elegant (albeit scandalous) social life of the time; it lifted the veil…

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” — Bill Gates.

We all know that quality content plays an important role in any effective marketing campaign (be it traditional or digital), however; most marketers will admit — It’s just plain hard. Creating and promoting relevant and impactful content pieces requires (amongst other things); the creativity of identifying what appeals to a certain group, emotion, data, humor, and even trends.

Jenifer Rowley, in an article she published, pointed out the value in the use of content marketing…

Ark Digital SA

We are reinventing the science of Corporate Design and opening the all-mighty gateway between Electronic technology — Big Data — and Marketing psychology.

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